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Trent Lott - And I give the example of my own house...
George Bush - I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees
Barbara Bush - So many here were underprivileged anyway.
Richard Baker - We finally cleaned up public housing.
George Bush - what didn't go right?

Why Rebuild Trent's House?

Charities like to focus on the sick, the poor, the destitute, those humans lacking will and strength to go on. We believe that, by focusing on those groups so often, charities like the Red Cross and United Way miss out on one of the groups who needs help the most -- rich white people.

Listen to our radio ad!Our belief is that rich white people deserve a hand to get back on their feet just like any other person in the aftermath of a national disaster. Just because those feet are accustomed to thousand-dollar leather shoes doesn't mean the handouts aren't appreciated. Besides, who better to give money to than those who know how to really manage it?

Our Goal

George W. Bush said it best; "Out of the rubbles of Trent Lott's house... this guy lost his entire house... There's gonna be a fantastic house."
We want Trent Lott to have one of the best mansions on the eastern seaboard. After all, what good is a second or third house if it's not as nice as your first?

That's where you come in. Only with your donations can we give Trent Lott the summer home he deserves. Won't you open your wallet and pitch in? Think of the rich white people!

Questions to ask yourself

In days and weeks since Hurricane Katrina hit, there have been a few questions that stand out that really need some answers:

  • Why is the Army recruiting evacuees in the Astrodome? [Source]
  • Why did Bush suspend the prevailing wage? [Source]
  • Why is the government trying to limit media reports coming out of New Orleans? [Source]
  • Why are qualified rescue workers being used for public relations and photo ops? [Source]
  • Why are private security forces walking around with M-16s? [Source]
  • Why did Bush's advisors need to make him a DVD to convince him this was a problem? [Source]
  • Why was all of the money spent in Iraq instead of on levee projects? [Source]
  • Why did FEMA reject Amtrak's offer to evacuate people by train? [Source]
  • Why was the Red Cross kept out of New Orleans? [Source]
  • Why was Walmart's offer of water turned back? [Source]
  • Why did FEMA cut the communication lines to Jefferson Parish? [Source]


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