Mar 07
Bigass 3/11 Show!

Man did we cover a lot of ground in this show. We talk about the firings of US Attorneys and what that’s all about. Also, the FBI is spying on people. Raw Story is reporting that they found one of the top secret CIA Prisons in Europe. Also, more on Walter Reed and how it ties into the grand scheme to privatize the world. Dan Quayle people. I shit you not. And we have a word or two on I Lewis Libby and the real story behind the Valerie Plame leak. This and more!

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Check out music from Phil Ayoub. And for those in the NYC area, don’t miss Desperate Comfort’s new short movie, Katrina.

Some important links for you alls:

The FBI Patriot Act Report from the DOJ
Raw Story’s Report on CIA Prisons
Department of Injustice
Libbygate: Now Let’s Get to the Real Story

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  • Kayli

    I really love when Fred does the Jay voice; I was laughing so hard!


    I thought we ended the whole moderation thing???

  • Michael

    It was good to have you back Olivia.

  • Michael

    Out of curiosity, how many listeners do you have?